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that it could. they wanted the same thing in the big ten. as long as you got braxton miller under center and healthy, you've got a shot. >> brad: career high rushing total for braxton miller, part of 339 yards on the ground for ohio state. carlos hyde, also career high, 111. third down and one. it's going to be under four minutes after this carry. miller, first down and gets down. a flag down. it may be a holding call. trying to string him to the outside. we've had some plays tonight, haven't we. >> referee: holding, offense, number 77. ten-yard penalty, repeat third down. >> brad: that negates the first down run. >> todd: i thought it was interesting. urban meyer when he was talking to us about braxton miller. he said the two guys that have been the most -- >> todd: he had big-time players. they were the two most dynamic differencemaker. >> he'll keep it here, too. dancing around for a three or four-yard gain. he'll be closing in on 200, isn't he? >> todd: pretty soon. so funny, too. when i talked to him at practice thursday, i said do you like running this much? he said, no, not really
and a great firechief. you go back 106 years. braxton morning. -- good morning. one of the survivors could not be with us. those are amazing changes. it does give us the opportunity to remember what happened. we commemorate those who suffered losses in their lives and hardships. we also celebrate the city that was nearly swept from the map. the fires raged for three days and caused rates -- great devastation. we take the opportunity to educate everyone. it is a pleasure for me to work under the direction of mayor lee. he is a public safety championship. he is a prepared as champion. he lives it. i have seen his kids and his workplace. it is all about teamwork. i am proud to be working with chief suhr. and scott weiner, it is a pleasure to have you out here. we appreciate it. it is a great team. thank you to the people who are out here. and also our partners with the american red cross. who are here this morning. thank you for being here. it has been a tradition for many of us out here. i hope you have a great day and you remember what happened 106 years ago. it is great to be a san francis
baltimore county. county.antonio johnson, james braxton and ggyon mathurine are facing ccarges including attempted first degree murder and first degree assault. police sayythey shot a man in a nissan altima and left him for dead ear guildhall court in woodlawn. the victim is in phe hospital wiih life threatening injuries.the suspects areebeeng held investigatoos are workkng with a new theory... as to whyya scientist was gunned down last police havee been treating the murrer of dootor peter marvit as a robbery attempt that turned deedly... and they're still pursuing the possibility...but of a case of mistaaen iientity. &pmarvit died last motn after peinggshot outside his home near elair-edison park ffr no in a serree of armed robberies that took place this summer in baltimore and anne arundel counties.these cases involle individuals wiih lengthy crrminal records. &p<<"you know i tthnk they will sort this out. the police are working as hard as the can... anyboody.. want to make surre they don'' do it to anybody els> else.">city police caution - the casss may not be onnecttd.
. antonio johnson, james braxton, and guyon mathurine each face attempted first-degree murder and first-degree assault charges. the man targeted their victim early sunday morning. the victim is in good condition this morning. a prince george's county boy accused of beating a 2-year-old will be sentenced later this morning. the child entered an alford plea to involuntary manslaughter charges. an autopsy confirmed the victim died of blunt force trauma. >> baltimore city has a new police commissioner. anthony batts was confirmed to the position he has been occupying the last few weeks. he succeeds fred bealefeld who retired this summer after more than three decades on the force. >> some good news for victims of a fire. all five victims are now out of the hospital. a firefighter was also injured falling off a ladder. it is unclear whether the home avenue had any working smoke detectors. >> it pays to be popular. >> apple is set to launch its next big thing but the big thing might be smaller. does that make sense? >> i get it. lindsay lohan may have dodged another legal bullet. >> ava marie
? the braxtons, the kardashians, the duggars, or honey boo boo? they got a raise to 10,000 per episode, that's not really rich. even though they're fools for being on tv. who are the guys in vegas that sell all the stuff in the store? the pawn guys. they're making so much money that stuff it's unbelievable. the jacksons songs are the empire. the jackson songs? name one. the pawn star dudes. who's the chubby guy? i'm not one to call people chubby. and you should not criticize people's physical appearance. you're so far off the charts. it's the kardashians. reportedly they've signed on for $40 million for 3 more seasons. can i ask a question? who are the kardashians? thanks for being on the show. still ahead- a trader gets real about apple's earnings.. chart talk is next. andrew keene is with us now with the fallout from last night in apple earnings. what's your first take on this? shocked that it actually rallied back last night when i was watching it trade. it opened up right around 590. if you look at the 24 hour print it actually said it printed at 585---which is the 200 day moving avera
braxton, and i encourage you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. >>> tend now 9 sport the witness kristen berset. >>> you could say the verdict is still out on maryland. are they on the up and up or stuck in a ru t. >> burns in for an injured one. he runs fooling a lot of people. terps pull within two. they would get a field goal to take the lead. nicklas stayed from 43 yards. now terps would burn freshman rose on the last drive and he completes this getting the terps infield goal range. what a catch after the fact. he had a chance to win the game for maryland. a freshman. he bangs it off the upright. 33 yards out, no good. a heartbreaker. here is dave owens with more. >> reporter: it was gut wrenching when it cul thin nateed a frantic few moments. the team walks away thinking about opportunities lost. >> especially for me, because if i didn't fumble, we wouldn't be in that predicament. >> it is never good when you miss one. >>> but that is the kicker. you miss them and people don't like you. there is no media really. >>
, why is toni braxton lashing out at oprah? >> so freaking mean to me. ♪ >>> "happy days'" joanie, exclusive new video. posing for photos.
in that happened early sunday morning in ballimore county. ooficials say "antonioo johnson, jaaes braxton ann guyon mathurine" re charged with attempted 1--t deeree &pmurder ann 1-st degree assault.... after they shot a man in a niisan altima and the mmn is suffering life threatening innuries. the suspectt are being held without bond. a... weekend shooting... is... still under investigation,.../// 19-year-old... darius taybron... was found shot ,... saturday afterroon... near... milton avenue...///.he... hospital...///. according... baltimmre sun.../ there... have... been... 1755 homicides... in baltimore../. far... this year..../ - compared for... all of last year. a... two... alarm fire... in... federal hilll.. sendss.. one... family.... another ... - thru... her second stooy... in. window.joel d. smith was there had o quickly gee out of the pome themselves.... because the flames had a big ally. ally. nat fire/flames.even wwth smoke racing out the windows to consume the bbttery avenue skyline.... the firefighhers move in closer... 1717 firefi
of this musician and performer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. i'm toni braxton, and i encourage you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. . >>> good morning. welcome to 9news now. today is monday, october 15. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm jessica doyle in for mike hydeck. monika samtani is here with your traffic and of course howard bernstein has your monday morning forecast. >> it's a little different than the last few mornings. it's not chilly at all. it's in the 60s out there. we start with a look at the day planner where you're not going to need a heavy jacket but you're going to need something a little waterproof because we've got some showers on the way. there could be a few showers as temperatures will be rising up toward even the 70-degree mark the next few hours with highs in the low 70s. 5:00 p.m. we're looking at temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s with showers around. a better chance of showers this afternoon than this morning. might even get a rumble of thunder. we have low to mid-60s just about everywhere
having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. i'm toni braxton, and i encourage you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. >>> and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> the washington redskins have had a bit of an advantage. rgiii has been able to play without the stress of a division al rivalry. that's all about to change this weekend when the skins face the road to hit the reigning champs and the giants acknowledge they're going to have their hands full with this offense. something that opponents and even mike shanahan aren't always used to with this team. >> every place i've been everybody says what do you call this offense. call it the east coast offense. i'm not sure what the name of the offense is. we're just experimenting with what robert can do. >> we're doing different things every game and we're going to see how teams respond to that. so we're making sure we execute what we go to the field to do. >> the hits keep coming from cyclist lance armstrong. another sponsor has dropped their endorsement. first it was nike. t
diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. i'm toni braxton, and i encourage you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. bruceer. >> the day following the assassination of the united states ambassador, the first time that's happened since 1979, when we have four americans killed there, when apparently we didn't know what happened, that the president, the day after that happened, flies to las vegas for political fundraiser, then the next day to colorado for another event, another political event. >> the day after the attack, governor, i stood in the rose garden and i told the american people and the world that we were going to find out exactly what happened, that this was an act of terror and i also said that we're going to hunt down those who committed this crime. and then a few days later, i was there greeting the caskets coming into andrews air force base and grieving with the families. and the suggestion that anybody on my team, whether the secretary of state, our u.n. ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead
with autism-- 1 in 110. i'm toni braxton. learn the signs of autism at
in 150. i'm toni braxton, and i encourage you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. you spent years hard at work, building your skills and talents, raising your family. and lately, like me, you're probably feeling a need to help your community. you have the time to give. you have the capacity to care. you have the experience to contribute. and your country needs you -- one of its greatest assets -- americans whose lifetime of knowledge and know-how will make the difference. so how can you impact the lives of others and change the future of our nation? take what you learned in the workplace and apply those skills to your community. shape tomorrow by being a mentor and tutor for children. make independence a reality for people who need assistance and companionship to continue to make their house their home. find an opportunity to use your skills and life experience. make a difference today. get involved.
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Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)